About Us
  The name Thanjai Thalaipakkattu itself recalls the traditional life of Thanjavur. A delicious biriyani always kindles our six senses and the taste lingers forever. We export delicious biriyani which is prepared Traditionally and hygenically with those ingredients of high quality.We started kindling the taste buds since 1920 and we guarantee that Thalapakkattu biriyani will have the taste of true traditional biriyani. And we believe that the traditional taste we provide is only our asset. Our firm's consultant have prepared the recipes traditiionally, which is taken from our ancestors to maintain the quality and taste. Product undergoes strict processing before it comes to the market. These processing exactly includes the ancestors traditional way of cooking process. We feel proud to thank our beloved customers who passed on such positive comments and who also has become a part of our Thanjai Thalapakkattu Family.  
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